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Pipboy 3000 Arm Mounted Computer

This is an Arm Mounted Computer replica from the popular video game Fallout. It features a 4.2 touch display, rechargeable battery and is comfortable to wear. Battery life is about 5 hours, making it a perfect addition to your cosplay theme.

This was more of a test version made to look good [barring paint :-)...] It doesn't really do anything other than paint images to the screen. The latest version which you can find here is much more functional.


3D printer source files from dragonator.

4D Systems 4.3 inch touch display (datasheet) (programmer).

8 gig micro SD card.

Adafruit PowerBoost 500 charger/booster (datasheet).

Lipo 2500mAh 3.7v battery.

10 Position rotary switch.

3 orange LED's (Radio Shack).

1 red LED (Radio Shack).

1-10k resistor (Radio Shack).

2-220ohm resistors (Radio Shack).


Display mount STL files (not recommended for new design)

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